Intelligent Interactive Automatic Cat Toy with LED Laser


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• Interactive Smart Teasing Pet LED Laser :The automatic cat toy features an interactive smart teasing pet LED laser that keeps your cat engaged and entertained for hours.

• Handheld Electronic Cat Toy :This handheld electronic cat toy is perfect for playing with your cat indoors, providing hours of entertainment and exercise.

• Automatic Cat Toy :The automatic cat toy is designed to automatically move and spin, making it perfect for keeping your cat engaged and entertained.

• LED Light :The automatic cat toy features a bright LED light that attracts your cat’s attention and keeps them engaged in playtime.

Friendly Tips: It needs 4*AA battery (Not Include). Please kindly note. thanks

Why need to interact with cats:

  1. prone to obesity and sickness if do not move for a long time.
  2. lonely uninteresting, unaccompanied all day doing nothing.
  3. excessive energy nowhere to consume.
  4. being alone for a long time increases the risk of depression.

Therefore, we need to get our furry friends actively moving.

Great Enrichment Activity, Cats need enrichment activities to be happy andhealthy. So, this fun interactive toy will keep them engaged and entertainedfor hours! Rojeco will project a beam of light for your cat to chase and bataround, therefore providing hours of stimulating playtime. The laser movesin a circular pattern, therefore making your cat move. Perfect for cats of allsizes and ages, this cat toy is a great way to provide your pet with bothmental and physical stimulation.

3 Gears, Intermittent Play

Intermittent Play to Avoid Overstimulation. Laser light is safe for cats andoffers cats plenty of mental as well as physical stimulation. The automaticshut-off feature allows for worry-free play and helps maximize batterylife. The toy is designed to shut off after 10 minutes, so you never have toworry about your pet getting overstimulated.Hand-Held and Hands-Free Modes.

Hand-held mode allows you to play andbond with your cat. The hands-free mode ensures that your cat plays evenwhen you’re too busy to physically play with them.

Intelligent Cat Toy

360°lrregularly RotateMaking Pets ,Entertain Themselves All Day, Built-in smart chip program control, automatic rotationafter selecting the gear.The unpredictable laser position attracts the cat’s attentionand makes cats play all day without the owner.

Battery Powered

Rojeco can be played in two ways: USB plug, or with fourAA batteries. Plug it into a socket when you’re at home and use batterieswhen you’re outside.
Because ofits high-quality construction and easy-to-use design, the RojecoAutomatic Cat Laser Toy is the perfect way to give your cat a stimulating andenjoyable playtime experience.

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  1. Delaney Rau

    I love this auto-pathing style. Others I’ve had only went in a circle, but this acts more random with how it darts around. My cat loves chasing this around, as a true laser lover. Whenever she’s tired, it’s fun for her to watch it. I’ll update later on.

    Image #1 from Delaney Rau
    Image #2 from Delaney Rau
  2. Mose Gibson

    Sanyi freaking loves it. Zoli is an autist and doesn’t get it how it works.

    Image #1 from Mose Gibson
    Image #2 from Mose Gibson
  3. Elfrieda Lang

    The quality is excellent, but the cat was carried away for only 20 minutes, and then guessed where the laser came from) today also played, but without enthusiasm.

    Image #1 from Elfrieda Lang
    Image #2 from Elfrieda Lang
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