Luxury Cat Bed Super Soft Warm Pet Sofa Washable


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Luxury cat bed Specifications:

S: 55x38x18cm,suit for within 4Kg pets.
M: 65x46x30cm,sui for within 9Kg pets.
L: 75x50x28cm,suit for within 11Kg pets.
XL: 90x56x30cm,suit for within 13Kg pets.
Material: velvet + cotton


1.Plump filling cotton, cats lie in it without collapsing.
2.Removable, easy to clean.
3.Fluffy and Soft to lie on.
4.Epoxy particles at the bottom, anti-skid, moisture-proof and anti-skid.
5.With pillow.

luxury cat bed

Unparalleled comfort

Luxury cat bed creates a soft and comfortable resting haven for your cat. Akin to a luxurious bedroom designed for royalty. This plush sanctuary not only provides ultimate comfort for your cat but also exudes luxury and sophistication in its appearance. Watching your cat curl up and nap in this velvety space. It’s as if they are indulging in a sweet siesta. This is not just an expression of love for your pet. But also adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your home decor. Purrfection Luxury Cat Bed, turning every moment into a royal affair for your feline companion.

Comfort and stress relief

It’s a cat bed, it serves as a haven to relieve your cat’s stress, providing a secure and exceptionally comfortable resting place. With Purrfection Haven™, witness your feline friend returning to their content and playful selves, basking in the warmth and safety of their special sanctuary. The luxury cat bed not only comforts your cat but also provides you with peace of mind, as you know your pet is secure, relaxed, and content.

luxury cat bed, super soft and warm, detachable washable

High-quality fabric

We carefully selected high-quality Angora yarn to create a pet bed with a unique texture. This thick and soft fabric not only provides your pet with an exceptional sleeping experience but also establishes a warm and cozy resting place. Meticulously combining exquisite craftsmanship with the finest materials, allowing cat to fully indulge in the soft warmth.

Home Decor

The luxury cat bed is not only a warm sanctuary for cats but also an exquisite finishing touch to your room decor. Thanks to its luxurious design, this bed seamlessly blends with any interior style, adding elegance and style to your living space. It not only provides a comfortable and cozy resting place for pets but also becomes a striking focal point in home design. With meticulous craftsmanship and sophisticated design, Purrfection Luxury Cat Bed not only meets the needs of cats but also perfectly integrates with the aesthetics of your home, bringing a unique and delightful ambiance to your room.

Soft and comfortable

The Purrfection Luxury Cat Bed is filled with pearl cotton, ensuring it remains firm even during extended periods of sleep. The soft, supportive cushion design offers better support for the neck and hips, creating the optimal relaxation spot for cats. The inability for a cat to find comfort in its own space can lead to stress and abnormal behaviors, so it’s essential to provide a comfortable and stress-relieving resting environment for our adorable feline friends.


The product is delivered under vacuum pressure. After unpacking, the inner core should be evenly tapped to thin it out. Allow it to sit for one hour, and the sofa will recover better once the normal shape is restored!


Due to different measurement methods and instruments, there may be a size error of 1-2 centimeters, which is considered a normal phenomenon.

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Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 75 × 50 × 28 cm

Orange, Pink, Coffee, Beige


55x38x18cm, 65x46x30cm, 75x50x28cm, 90x56x30cm

15 reviews for Luxury Cat Bed Super Soft Warm Pet Sofa Washable

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  1. Abby Weiner

    Just as pictured, well-structured, soft and fluffy. Accurate measurements, fits perfectly in the small nook where I wanted it. I caught both of my cats using it within a day or two. Very happy with this purchase, as are my cats 🙂

    Image #1 from Abby Weiner
    Image #2 from Abby Weiner
  2. Marta Witkowska

    Good but not as plush as pictured. There is a gap of cushioning between the backseat and seat, so my dog “sinks” into it. However, my dog still enjoys sitting here and it looks very cute. For the price it is not bad, just wish it was sturdier 🙂

    Image #1 from Marta Witkowska
    Image #2 from Marta Witkowska
    Image #3 from Marta Witkowska
  3. Madelie

    My cats love it! I ordered a second one because both of them want to sit on it. It has a slight smell, but it doesn’t seem to bother them. It is very soft and cute!!

    Image #1 from Madelie
    Image #2 from Madelie
  4. Desiree

    I love cats so much. I’m looking forward to being warm.

  5. Desiree

    Really well done and very soft

    Image #1 from Desiree
  6. Susan T.

    beautiful . good quality!! quick arrived

    Image #1 from Susan T.
  7. Maryanne

    My cat loves this sofa. I’m always going up here. I originally slew with me, but I’m a little bit sorry, but I’m so cute …… The boss, dig a lot!

    Image #1 from Maryanne
  8. Bafleman5

    These lovely kitty lounges are so super soft. I have to add Techront is a great company to deal with . Thank you

    Image #1 from Bafleman5
  9. newless

    It’s was great receiving for my son & girlfriend who lives in Astoria Queens that have 2 cats which coincidentally the female one is named Apollo❤️Here is a photo below as Apollo is seen resting on the couch a day after they received it!

    Image #1 from newless
  10. lession

    Wish I could get all colors!
    My only wish is that I could afford to buy every single color!

    Image #1 from lession
  11. Materry

    Stunning!!! Perfect size for both my dog and my cats. I took the smallest size. Thank you so much!! Recommended!!

    Image #1 from Materry
    Image #2 from Materry
    Image #3 from Materry
    Image #4 from Materry
  12. jellary

    It is very soft and comfortable my dog loves it, it is a chiguagua that weighs 2 ‘600 kg and it is perfect to measure …… I recommend it 100×100

    Image #1 from jellary
  13. Alisiaa

    I like it very much. The cat is not yet fully convinced. We’ll wait and see.

    Image #1 from Alisiaa
    Image #2 from Alisiaa
  14. Cute_cat

    My cats love this bed so much, and they fight over it. The only complaint I have (which is simple to fix) is that it’s a little flat when it arrived. I stuck it in the dryer and it fluffed up 🙂

    Image #1 from Cute_cat
    Image #2 from Cute_cat
    Image #3 from Cute_cat
  15. educats

    I love it, very soft. Perfect size for the space where I wanted to put it. The largest size they offer.

    Image #1 from educats
    Image #2 from educats
    Image #3 from educats
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